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Garage Door Maintenance & Tune Up

Whether you need to get garage door maintenance & garage door tune up done annually, you can find pertinent information below that fits your needs and your budget!

Popping and clicking noises from a garage door mechanism could be caused by many different reasons such as: being worn , old and rusty Rollers , Tracks , hinges , old cables , broken brackets , damaged panels or could be whole garage door that has never been adjusted before.

Tune Up

911 Garage Door repair pros company offers maintenance,tune up service packages, with seasonal discount coupons that help with the safety and efficiency of the functioning of your garage door.

Contact us today 214-306-6684 to schedule your winter or summer check up

Prompt & Professional Service

We offer swift and expert solutions for all door issues, ensuring a timely response and skilled technicians efficiently addressing your needs.

24-Hour, 7 Days A Week Availability

We guarantee immediate assistance for garage door emergencies and scheduling flexibility for routine maintenance or repairs.
Important information and Benefits for every house holder
Here are a few examples of timely maintenance or check-ups that benefit every homeowner and keep all the moving parts of the garage door in working, safe condition :

Reducing weird noise problems
Minimizing emergency repair costs
Increased garage door life time
Optimizing Garage Door Efficiency (reduce electric bills 100%)
Hinge Tightening ,Tracks , Brackets, Drums Inspection
Bearings , Panels , Rollers, Cables, Chains, Tracks, Lubricating , Alignments and Adjustment, if necessary .

Let us Maintain and Inspect any minor issues today , before they become a major garage door problem !
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Your Trusted Garage Door Repair Experts: Customized Solutions for Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services – Your One-Stop Shop Solution.
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