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Commercial Sheet Doors

When it comes to commercial doors, 911 Garage Door Repair Pros. has every model size and option in the book! All come included with spiral torque tubes, tension holding devices, and adjustment available in the bracket systems. With over 30 colors and lead free options to choose from (Model 3400 available in Satin White only), you have the opportunity to make your commercial or industrial selection uniquely vibrant!

Commercial Models Available:

In addition to a wide selection of models and paint color options, our commercial doors are also known for being a quick and easy install project. You can wave goodbye to tedious instructions, heavy materials and lengthy installation processes! If you’re not in a position to install the doors yourself, we can also coordinate skilled install teams to get your project up and going in on time.

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We offer swift and expert solutions for all door issues, ensuring a timely response and skilled technicians efficiently addressing your needs.

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We guarantee immediate assistance for garage door emergencies and scheduling flexibility for routine maintenance or repairs.


If you’re looking for a DC motor operator for your new Janus commercial doors, we’ve got you covered! Our Pantheon Commercial/Industrial electric door operator is a unique new technology that brings your operation game to the next level. Featuring a simple floor level manual release system, soft start and soft stop operation, the electronic limits of the operator can be controlled in just 3 easy steps as well. No moving switches or adjusting cams required.
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