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Garage Door Cables Replacement

A very common problem with Residential and Commercial Overhead Garage Doors is , when Cables come Off the Pulley , Snap or become Loose and need to be Tightened. These cables are a very important part of each garage door opening mechanism which is responsible for lifting and releasing the garage door . 

Before specifying the garage door cable issue it is very important to mention DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR OR PLACE BACK SNAPPED CABLES – THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS , and MUST be PERFORMED by a Qualified Garage Door Expert ONLY !
One of the many things that often occur on each garage door , whether it’s the chain , belt or screw-driven,Galvanized Garage Door Safety Cables that came off the pulley, the whole precision of garage door repair or garage cables replacement, has to be performed for both sides and on top. The rest of the parts such as : hinges, rollers , springs, and tracks, should be adjusted , tightened properly , repaired (if necessary ) and lubricated along with the repair service.

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To provide and ensure proper smooth operation throughout the years, and save money down the road, we suggest to Inspect and maintain the garage door system and all of its moving parts at least twice a year. It is always best to repair small problems before they become a huge expense!


Call 911 Garage Door repair pros 214-306-6684 to get your cables checked-up or replaced !

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